The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

A Russian fairy tale vividly brought to life like an intimate historical fiction, Katherine Arden’s first installment of her Winternight Trilogy, The Bear and the Nightingale appeals to a broad swath of readers. More fairy tale than High Fantasy, Arden doesn’t lean on huge feats of world building or sword clanging adventures. Instead, Bear is … More The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

Why Do Libraries Throw Away Books?

Part of librarianship is understanding of the purpose of your particular library. Libraries range from those with extremely specialized collections like museum, medical, and research to those with broader appeal like academic, primary school, and public. There are also archives, which can be described as a cross between a museum and a library. Knowing who … More Why Do Libraries Throw Away Books?

Stay Weird, Kids

The youth section in your library is likely the most wholesome place in your community. Forget holier-than-thou churches, critical farmers’ markets or judgmental gyms. Kids and teens in their section of the library prance around with unbridled passion for their favorite fairytales, off-beat heroes, dystopian universes, talking cats, and mystical mages. Library kids aren’t embarrassed to … More Stay Weird, Kids