Book Review: Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray

Lair of Dreams follows The Diviners as the second book in the new series by acclaimed young adult author, Libba Bray. The roaring twenties are in full swing when The Diviners’ heroine, Evie, sets off for New York from sleepy Zenith, Ohio. New York is full of vibrant characters, some with special supernatural abilities. Evil casts a shadow … More Book Review: Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray

Book Review: Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos

Falling Together is a work of substantial, but easily digestible, summer fiction. Marisa de los Santos fills her books with luscious, vibrant characters and has a talent for drawing on familiar, yet complicated circumstances. At first, her characters’ quirks might make you roll your eyes, but soon you’re invested and those quirks become lovable traits. Falling Together examines … More Book Review: Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos

Stay Weird, Kids

The youth section in your library is likely the most wholesome place in your community. Forget holier-than-thou churches, critical farmers’ markets or judgmental gyms. Kids and teens in their section of the library prance around with unbridled passion for their favorite fairytales, off-beat heroes, dystopian universes, talking cats, and mystical mages. Library kids aren’t embarrassed to … More Stay Weird, Kids

Book Review: The White Boy Shuffle

Whiteys praying to their black poet-god to absolve them of their sins crying, “I understand! I understand!” – from The White Boy Shuffle  After picking up a copy of poet Paul Beatty’s 1996 novel, you’ll probably read the back cover. Here, you’ll find a vague description that says, “black boy moves to the ghetto, becomes unlikely basketball star … More Book Review: The White Boy Shuffle

Cold Hearted Bitch

I had never considered dumping a full $6 steamy cappuccino on a total stranger before, but when the young couple in the window leaned in for another kiss, I deeply considered it. On the day I’m supposed to dump Abe the vulgarity of their affection is an affront. Bouncing my leg, I glance at my watch again … More Cold Hearted Bitch

Molly & Marmalade || The Christmas Caper (The End!)

The third and final installment of The Christmas Caper: read the first, second, and other Fiction Fridays here! Happy Christmas!  The plan to use Tree as a perch to spy on and stop the intruder’s inevitable attempt on the kitchen’s goodies was swiftly put into action. After carefully calculating the distance between herself and her … More Molly & Marmalade || The Christmas Caper (The End!)