Fiction Fridays

IMG_7607One purpose of this blog is to motivate me to get stories with a beginning, middle and end on paper. I toss ideas around for adventure stories, children’s books,
trashy romance novels, fantasy fiction, and of course deep life-changing insights about life, in my head all the time. Unfortunately, even if I start the story, I never have the discipline to finish it. Throw in whatever excuse you want: grad school, job, friends, food, Netflix, if I want to write (or read!) I needed to make time and space for it.

So I proposed to The Rustbelt Chronicles that we start Fiction Fridays. Every Friday we try to post a complete work of fiction, even if it’s only a paragraph or two. It won’t happen every week but enjoy what’s here and check back frequently on Fridays for new stories!

Fiction Friday Posts

Molly & Marmalade || Whiskers in the Window

Princess Robyn Hood

Harry Potter and the Pallas’s Cat

The Real McCoy || Part I

The Real McCoy || Part 2

Molly & Marmalade || The Christmas Caper

Molly & Marmalade || The Christmas Caper, cont.  

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