Our Words Are Dangerous, Especially When We Don’t Use Them

Language is a dangerous thing not only for what is said but often because of what is left out, especially during history lessons. Slavery verses enslavement. The state of being a slave verses the action of making someone a slave. “Slavery” conjures images of black bodies in chains, laboring in cotton fields, and being sold … More Our Words Are Dangerous, Especially When We Don’t Use Them

What’s the Word for the State of Missing Someone?

Everyone knows that being alone and being lonely are not the same. Alone is a fun treat where you have the whole house to yourself: you can listen to your podcasts without headphones, eat ice cream for dinner, and not worry about someone else’s schedule. Lonely is when you start to putter. Putter around the … More What’s the Word for the State of Missing Someone?

The Travel Bug

For me, The Travel Bug goes by another name and that name is anxiety. When The Travel Bug (TTB) bites it leaves behind a virus which lays dormant until anytime between 6 weeks and 4 days before your trip. Often, if you’ve been bitten in the past, you will have built up some immunity to … More The Travel Bug

Why Do Libraries Throw Away Books?

Part of librarianship is understanding of the purpose of your particular library. Libraries range from those with extremely specialized collections like museum, medical, and research to those with broader appeal like academic, primary school, and public. There are also archives, which can be described as a cross between a museum and a library. Knowing who … More Why Do Libraries Throw Away Books?

The Power of Place

It’s a different kind of tragedy when a great part of the collective human heritage is destroyed, but it’s a tragedy nonetheless. While watching Notre Dame de Paris be engulfed by skyscraper-high flames and billowing plumes of black smoke yesterday, my art historian friend Jenna remarked, “When the essence of personhood and how we measure … More The Power of Place