One Last Post for 2019

Writing and publishing one blog post every month for 2019 was one of my new years resolutions last year and I am proud to announce that with this post, I will have successfully reached that goal! Here is my 2019 in review:

This year I:

  • taught myself how to do embroidery
  • applied for a job I really wanted (and didn’t get)
  • started going to therapy again
  • completed 50,000 words in NANOWRIMO
  • read a lot of books for pleasure
  • started a podcast (For Scorpios By Scorpios)
  • spent a lot of quality time with friends
  • traveled
  • went on a lot of walks around my neighborhood
  • filled two and a half journals
  • drove across the country with a close friend
  • got bangs
  • made mental and emotional wellness a priority

At the end of the year I feel:

  • drained
  • hopeful
  • like I’ve already lived through the hellscape of the 2020 election and that it will never end
  • dissatisfied
  • satisfied
  • grateful
  • stronger emotionally
  • sad
  • nostalgic
  • content
  • ready to introspect
  • restful
  • loved

I’m not proud that this year I:

  • stopped listening to the news
  • used too much plastic and paper
  • stopped going to yoga
  • bought so much stuff from
  • spent a lot of emotional energy being frustrated with things that were out of my control
  • bought all my clothes from fast-fashion sources
  • didn’t call my long-distance friends enough

Whatever you did in 2019, however it made you feel, I hope you’re feeling optimistic about today, tomorrow, and the year ahead. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.

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