The Heartbeat Bill

Mr. DeWine,

Your vote to enact the Heartbeat bill into law negatively effects me, all women, all families, and all Ohioans. Your complete disregard for the rights of women to have autonomy over our own bodies and your blatant use of fear mongering for political gain is disgraceful and dangerous. You have endangered the lives of women, especially those who do not have the means to cross state borders to seek healthcare and reproductive services.

The United Nations (an intergovernmental organization that was tasked to maintain international peace and security) has affirmed that “abortion is a human right.” (General comment No. 36 (2018) on article 6 of theInternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, on theright to life*)

Your politics have become your religion, your religion your politics. This, in a land founded on the ideals of separation of church and state, is abhorrent and is in distinct contrast to what our Founding Fathers fought for and what our soldiers now fight every day to protect. Your actions disgrace their memory, their legacy, and their sacrifice.

Shame on you, shame on your party, and shame on your constituents. We will redouble our efforts to block this law in the courts, and should that fail due to the zealous use of pseudo-science and weaponizing of faith, we will continue to fight for the rights of women everywhere to have self-governance over their whole bodies.

Very sincerely not yours,


Contact Mike DeWine

  • Mailing Address: Riffe Center 30th Floor 77 South High Street Columbus, OH, 43215-6117
  • Phone Number: (614) 644-4357
  • Email Address:

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