Summer snaps without warning, the wind has a bite,
Women mounted on brooms are all taking flight.
Black cats hiss and howl, run around in a craze,
Bats flap in the dark through forests ablaze,
Milky roiling fog closes in on the night.

The belladonna is blooming, so is wolfsbane,
Overhead the moon shines through a red vein.
Something scary is coming, what it is you can’t tell,
You shiver, lock the door, and hope it’s not from hell.
The power goes out; you watch the candlelight wane.

Huddled with a blanket you peer through the screen,
Ghosts and dead walking, it’s a frightening scene.
The jack-o-lantern flickers with an evil grin,
Monsters pound on the door, the cat lifts his chin,
“Trick-or-treat!” they shout, “Happy Halloween!”


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