Sonnet #2 – Art Museum

Cleveland Museum of Art, how shall I describe thee?
With your sweeping atrium and objects so divine,
Wandering through your galleries, I fill with glee:
Though the art belongs to everyone, I feel you are mine.
Traveling through the ancient world: we roam.
Stumbling out of Africa, the Python Slayer waits.
Up marble stairs, deep breath, the Baroque feels like home;
Around the corner, landscapes shine like heaven’s gates.
Modern, contemporary and special exhibitions,
Take a break at the cafe to refresh and revive.
Fresh and local, not even expensive, add Food to the museum’s munitions!
Finish where temples, manuscripts and textiles thrive.
More than a museum: you educate, you inspire, you innovate.
To see where you’ll go, I can’t wait!


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