Book Review: Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos

10380686Falling Together is a work of substantial, but easily digestible, summer fiction. Marisa de los Santos fills her books with luscious, vibrant characters and has a talent for drawing on familiar, yet complicated circumstances. At first, her characters’ quirks might make you roll your eyes, but soon you’re invested and those quirks become lovable traits. Falling Together examines the rolls and types of friendships we experience throughout our adult lives. How friendships change and the negative and positive effects of that, as adults, when we sometimes can’t – or don’t dare – voice how we feel, is a major theme throughout this book.

With a bit of mystery and a fair share of drama, you’ll enjoy discovering the secrets between old friends and what tore them apart. De los Santos tells a realistic and compelling love story; one that will make your stomach tighten as if you’re experiencing it for yourself. I recommend any of De los Santos books if you’re looking for realistic adult fiction with familial themes, and especially Falling Together to anyone hoping for an exciting story about family and friends, love and loss.

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